CasiKNOW – Wynn/Encore Tour


CasiKnow – Episode 4
Video Description as posted on YouTube by the producer:
During the week of school vacation I went to Vegas for my personal business and took the opportunity to visit Wynn Resorts. It was a much needed break from all the controversy and it has given me a renewed perspective on this whole issue in Foxboro.

During my visit, the biggest lesson I learned is that not only are we all talking about different “pictures” but, NONE of them are the REAL picture. I thought I had a fairly realistic picture because of my exposure to Vegas/Foxboro and Wynn/Kraft. But, to be honest, even my picture was wrong. Even though Wynn has been consistently communicating to all of us that the Casino is just a portion of the whole development, everyone’s “picture”, including my own, consists primarily of the Casino. Well, last week I discovered that Wynn has been correct and none of us have been listening.

There is so much more to a 5 Star Resort than I ever imagined. It is an extremely complicated business with many career opportunities that I wasn’t aware of. The technology and expertise needed to run each department and integrate them into a well-run Resort is very advanced and NONE of our pre-conceptions, “pictures” or studies read, come anywhere close to the true picture.

As I walked around, I remembered the rumor that I heard where Steve Wynn offered to fly people out to see the Wynn Las Vegas for themselves. I don’t know if it’s true but, I can completely understand if it is. I thought, wow, if people could just see for themselves what it’s REALLY all about, the fears would subside. If people could just experience the Resort amenities, the exemplary customer service, the career opportunities, the high-end style, and the customers it attracts, we would all be able to, at the very least, be talking about the same “picture”.

In order to try to get all of us talking about the same thing, I asked if I could do a “Behind the Scenes” video while I was there. I am happy to say they agreed. I think everyone will find it extremely enlightening. My hope is that this video helps everyone get closer to seeing the REAL picture of what this could mean to our community.

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