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7/9/13 Board of Selectmen

12/29/15 Board of Selectmen Meeting

2/5/13 Board of Selectmen

11/23/10 Board of Selectmen

Attachments: November 23, 2010 Meeting Agenda MInutes 11-23-2010 An high quality archived version of this meeting is also available on SELECTMEN’S MEETING MINUTES November 23, 2010 Members Present: Lynda Walsh, Chairman James J. DeVellis, Clerk Lorraine Brue Others Present: Kevin Paicos, Town Manager Police Chief O’Leary Susan Thibedeau, Animal Control Officer Vasillos Papadopoulos, 24… Read more »

A Tour of Foxborough Town Hall

8/24/10 Board of Selectmen

Attachments: Agenda-Action 8-24-10 Minutes Aug. 24, 2010 Video on SELECTMEN’S MEETING MINUTES August 24, 2010 Members Present: Lynda Walsh, Chairman Larry Harrington, Vice Chairman Jim DeVellis, Clerk Lorraine Brue Paul Mortenson Others Present: Phil Henderson, Chairman W&S Commissioners Bill Euerle, Clerk, W&S Commissioners Mike Stanton and Bob Bell, W&S Commissioners Leo Potter, Superintendent W&S… Read more »

Mosquito and Tick-Borne Diseases

[jwplayer config=”mplayer” mediaid=”1576″] Program Notes From HCAM: PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus are mosquito-borne diseases occurring with increasing frequency in Massachusetts. While human cases of EEE and West Nile are rare, both diseases can cause serious illness, permanent disability, and even death. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria spread by… Read more »