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8/24/10 Board of Selectmen

Attachments: Agenda-Action 8-24-10 Minutes Aug. 24, 2010 Video on SELECTMEN’S MEETING MINUTES August 24, 2010 Members Present: Lynda Walsh, Chairman Larry Harrington, Vice Chairman Jim DeVellis, Clerk Lorraine Brue Paul Mortenson Others Present: Phil Henderson, Chairman W&S Commissioners Bill Euerle, Clerk, W&S Commissioners Mike Stanton and Bob Bell, W&S Commissioners Leo Potter, Superintendent W&S… Read more »

7/27/10 Board of Selectmen

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5/11/10 Board of Selectmen

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9/9/08 Part 1 Selectmen Meeting

9/9/08 Part 2 Selectmen Meeting

4/2/08 Selectmen Meeting