Warrior Winter Classic Post Game Interview 2/18/13


Find out how the Varsity Girls Basketball team is preparing for post-season MIAA tournaments. Coach Lisa Downs and team captains Ashley Snyder, Ally Perry, and Andrea Marcotte talk with Mark Stopa following yesterdays Winter Classic game.

Welcome back to Foxborough High School, I’m joined by coach Lisa Downs and the three captains of the Foxborough Lady Warriors. Ashley Snyder Andrea Marcotte and Ally Perry

Coach can’t ask for much more than that win tonight…

LISA: No, absolutely, the girls you know they all contributed something but that second quarter was something we really haven’t seen much in the last week or so You know the five starters that were in there all bring some unique quality to the team when we see in spurts here in their, but tonight especially in that 8min second quarter they all showed what they’re capable of and they know all parts of the wheel we’ll work together and it was pretty fantastic to watch very impressive on both ends of the floor, the passing

STOPA: You were playing the ball like we heard inside the huddle one point that you were trying to work the ball inside, then work it inside out. I happen to think that that’s a
brilliant scheme against just about anybody it worked really well tonight and give you a lot of looks on the inside when they have bailout go outside and chase down the shooters that were out there.

So, Ms. Snyder very good win, this is a good opportunity to obviously add one to the win column and get you one more win to get better seeding as you go into the tournament so what are your thoughts as you head into the tournament?

SYNDER: I mean this was a good game especially because after Canton we didn’t play our best game so just to get all the morale
back-up and tomorrow were going to play a very good Hopkinton team, so it will be a good way to play tough competition before going to tournament

MARK: Absolutely, and Ms. Marcotte spectacular shooting from the outside

Thank you

You did a really good job obviously you hit those shots early in a game they were shots that were important because you have a little bit of a slow start and then you just got on fire and the whole team look like they fed off of that what are your thoughts as you head into the championship game tomorrow and also into the tournament it’s definitely going to be a different game
from today we’ve faced Hopkinton before it’s a different team from last year, definitely but we know it’s coming and
um… I think we’re gonna play well and obviously Hopkinton brings a different mix of players to the contest they have to have size, they have athleticism and should be a obviously way different game but every day every game is different because the other teams in the throw out the best five and you see what happens…Ally Perry what do you think about
tonight’s contest as you head into the championship tomorrow

ALLY: I think we did a really good job, I mean like Ashley said such a different game than Canton. I think it really helps that we got to get the underclassmen in to get prepared for the tournament and just get pumped up and it was a great win.

STOPA: Excellent and actually a moment with that with the two underclassman that got some significant playing time tonight that was spectacular they hit the floor obviously they come up from the J.V. team they hit the floor in there was a seamless transition, do they get to practice much with the varsity team, is that uh… how we count for that?

LISA: Actual they’ve had one fantastic practice with us so they practice with us yesterday and they’ve actually played summer league with them uh… with most of the girls all summer long, so they are very familiar with them but it’s gonna be quite a jump for them to go from the J.V. level up to this fantastic team i have here and then especially heading into the tournament time but it is definitely um…they deserve to be called up and uh… we’re looking for them for, you know, for next year and so this is just some great opportunity to get them some court time

STOPA: An excellent opportunity for them to get a little taste of it…and you can see when they first hit the floor they weren’t quite up to the the speed where the the the physicality if you will of of the game, but they integrated very well with that and I thought that was uh…

Excellent tomorrow we have the Hopkinton, any thoughts as you head into the state tournament?

DOWNS: We just have to, you know, work better as a team the way that we did tonight, it was hard, last week we had Milford which was not as competitive as tomorrow night’s going to be, and we jumped right into Oliver Ames and then we had Senior Night. it was
just back to back to back and lots of emotions running high in and then with the snowstorm, coupled before that we just hadn’t had a real routine of our uh… practice schedule but we had a great practice yesterday

The team is playing well together their just a great group of girls and we do everything defensively the way that we need to do, it just translates into great offense and so I see great things for them

STOPA: Yeah, the kind of defense you play you you really can’t play against anybody and really be in the game against anybody
it doesn’t matter what that the competitive level is of the other team and that the ball handling was superb as it has been throughout most of the season, few games, every team is going to have their down points, but uh… the team handles the ball well you push the ball well, you pass the ball well, when when you do play it inside out and and bring the the post players in, uh… you guys are tough and I think that bodes well for you as you head into the tournament, so… that’ll be all here from
Foxborough High School

We thank you for joining us and tomorrow night we come back for the championship game of this year’s Warrior Classic

Varsity Girls Basketball Warrior Winter Classic Post Game Interview

Varsity Girls Basketball Warrior Winter Classic Post Game Interview

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