FHS Varsity Girls Basketball Versus Pembroke 3/6/19


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  1. <path_to_url> Robert Howe

    I wanted to pass along my thanks to Foxboro Cable Access and commend you on the game broadcast as well as the game commentators on doing a terrific job in the broadcast. My daughter’s live for basketball and we/they watch U Tube/HUDL replays of as many of their games as possible, as well as any/everything they can get their hands on. Understandably the guys were pro-Foxboro but I think they both did an amazing job of keeping it 100% positive for both teams. As the dad of two PHSGBB players (Jayne and Katelyn Howe) I really enjoyed the ability, on game day, of listening to your broadcast as I was traveling, as well as having the ability to go back and watch the entire video on demand. It’s great to see small communities rally around their kids!

    Thank you!

    Bob Howe


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