7/10/12 Board of Selectmen Meeting


Board of Selectmen meetings replay on the Government Channel (Comcast 22/Verizon 38) at the following times:

Fridays at 4pm
Saturdays at noon
Sundays 8am & 4pm

Residents can also watch previous meetings online at FCA’s streaming video site: click here

The following agenda has been posted:

Foxborough Board of Selectmen Agenda

6:45 Citizen’s Input Topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours in advance of the meeting
6:50 Town Manager Regional Public Safety Dispatcher Grant Announcement
6:55 Board of Selectmen Town Counsel Interviews:
6:55pm Gelerman and Cabral
7:25pm Blatman, Bobrowski & Mead
7:55 Town Manager Town Manager FY12 COLA
8:00 Water/Sewer Commission Sewer System Long Term Planning
8:10 Selectmen DeVellis Chairman’s Update
8:30 Board of Selectmen
School Committee
School Committee Appointment Interviews:
8:30 Marsha Maxwell
8:40 Christina Belanger
8:50 Doris Ashapa-Olson
9:00 Michael Davison
9:10 Brian Walton
9:20 Executive Session
School Committee
Group Health Insurance Discussion
Employeee Health Insurance Initiative Non-Union Negotiation

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